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There are several evidences that prove the importance of olive oil in the life and the art of Minoans. There are also findings that prove that the olive tree has been cultivated in Crete since 3.000 BC (early Minoan period). Residues of olives aged thousands of years old, have been found in excavations in various places of Crete.

It is incredible that during an excavation in the area of Zakros (eastern Crete) in a water tank were found olives that still held part of their flesh, due to the good storage conditions. Furthermore, in the palace of Knossos, a stone olive oil separator has been found together with several jars in storage rooms that were used for the storage of olive oil.

Two enormous jars that were also estimated to be used for the storage of olive oil.

Storage rooms in the palace of Knossos with several jars that were used for the storage of liquids.

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