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Our passion for the promotion of a product which enjoys the acceptance and the respect of those who can perceive its qualitative superiority has led us to proudly introduce you this Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The motivation for us is the desire of people to meet and taste high quality nutritional products, which (until recently) could only be supplied to few due to the mass exploitation model and the complexity of the distribution networks.

We are supporters of ‘’Fair Trade’’ in all its aspects and we are driven by our willingness for a relationship of trust that we strive to build with you. We are also supported by selected small-scale producers who allow us to exploit the best part of their production in terms of quality, for which they make special effort and they are driven with the same passion that drives us too, since they also recognize the need of a trustworthy network that adds value to their product.

We are focused on quality and the aesthetics, rather than on a “controversial” luxury related with packaging and wrapping. It is vital for us, the people that will choose “Evodes” to recognize its superiority and feel vindicated for their choice, in order to stay with it. Besides, our success will be judged in the long term and will be based on a consistently high quality and a relationship of trust between all parties involved from the production, bottling, until the final consumption of this excellent Olive Oil.